Attorney At Law JUDr. Denisa Sudolská

Attorney At Law - JUDr. Denisa Sudolská

JUDr. Denisa Sudolská - Attorney At Law

AK Sudolská Law Firm provides legal services to business clients from the broadest range of industries. Services are always delivered at the highest professional level and cover all fields of law, with a special focus on commercial law.

Denisa Sudolská

JUDr. Denisa Sudolská


The primary value our clients enjoy is our unique, client- sensitive approach combined with our expertise and professional experience. Each and every client request is handled to the utmost of our abilities and according to the best of our professional knowledge.


We provide legal services with a major emphasis on an individual approach. We are capable of providing our clients with any and all legal assistance required, which enables us to become a valued and beneficial partner for our clients over the long-term horizon.

JUDr. Denisa Sudolská - Attorney At Law
JUDr. Denisa Sudolská - Attorney At Law
JUDr. Denisa Sudolská - Attorney At Law
JUDr. Denisa Sudolská - Attorney At Law


Our clients benefit from the maximum protection of their rights and legitimate interests, a major emphasis on an individual and professional approach to the client, maximum efforts directed to achieving the optimal solution, a high level of professional expertise, a combination of expert knowledge and professional experience, fast, accurate and highly professional handling of clients' requests and, last but not least, diligent and intensive client-counsel communication at all times.

JUDr. Denisa Sudolská - Attorney At Law

Legal Services

Commercial and Company Law

  • Formation of commercial enterprises and cooperatives
  • Organisation and conduct of General Meetings
  • All forms of company transformations
  • Formation of European Companies (SE)
  • Legal due diligence
  • Modifications to the amount of registered capital, conversions of the essence and form of the company’s shares, etc.
  • Consultancy services in the provision of loan and credit facilities, including the choice of the appropriate form of security for debts
  • Representation in negotiations with the client’s business partners and other legal entities
  • Drafting legal analyses and opinions
  • Liquidations and winding up of companies, including proceedings at the registration court
  • Consultancy and drafting of comprehensive contract documents
  • Changes in the ownership structure of commercial enterprises, including changes in the records entered in the Commercial Register
  • Enforcement of claims arising from regular business transactions
  • Issues relating to securities
  • Custody of securities and other documents
  • Protection from unfair trade practiceskody)

Procedural Law

  • Proceedings before the Commercial Register
  • Proceedings before the Cadastral Office
  • Proceedings before the Trades Licensing Office
  • Other administrative proceedings
  • Civil court proceedings
  • Arbitration
  • Constitutional complaints

Family Law

  • Zastupování v řízeních o rozvod manželství (sporná i nesporná)
  • Zastupování v řízeních o úpravě poměrů k nezletilým dětem (svěření dítěte do výchovy a stanovení výživného), vypracování dohod
  • Zastupování v řízeních o vypořádání společného jmění manželů (sepis dohod o vypořádání společného jmění manželů)
  • Zastupování v řízeních o výživném na děti (zletilé i nezletilé), manžela, rozvedeného manžela

Criminal Law

  • Defending clients in criminal proceedings
  • Representing the injured parties in criminal proceedings

Insolvency Law

  • Insolvency petitions
  • Representing the client in insolvency proceedings
  • Representing creditors in creditor committees
  • Representation in incidental disputes
  • Consultancy to companies threatened by insolvency

Civil Law

  • Contracts (including future contracts) on real estate conveyance with the possibility of depositing the purchase price in attorney escrow, including the motion to enter the ownership title in the Land Register
  • Transfers of membership rights and obligations relating to membership in an apartment cooperative
  • Declaration of the building owner
  • Pledge (security interest) agreements
  • Agreements for the creation of an easement
  • Representation in proceedings before Cadastral Offices
  • Lease relationships relating to residential and non-residential premises
  • Compensation for damage and losses, claiming damages
  • Construction agreements

Intellectual Property Law

  • Copyright
  • License
  • Franchising
  • Internet law
  • Trademarks

Administrative Law

  • Procuring trade licenses and any amendments thereof in connection with the formation of a limited liability company and other activities performed by business companies
  • Representing clients in cadastral proceedings concerning dispositions of real estate
  • Legal services for cooperatives and unit owners’ associations
  • Issues relating to easements and modifications thereof
  • Security instruments relating to real estate in cadastral proceedings

Labour Law

  • Consultancy for employers and employees
  • Making claims arising from invalid terminations of the employment relationship
  • Drafting labour law documents
  • Formations, modifications and terminations of the employment relationship
JUDr. Denisa Sudolská - Attorney At Law
JUDr. Denisa Sudolská - Attorney At Law

Forms of cooperation

Ad Hoc Legal Services

Legal services are provided individually on case by case basis, charged per hour.

Flat-Rate Legal Services

Legal services based on long-term cooperation and charged monthly.

Complex Legal Services

The commission is set in advance based on expected amount of provided legal services in the scope of the case.


Our Clients

During our succesful career we have worked for many individuals and companies of every kind. Do not hesitate to contact us to request references from our satisfied clients.


We are happy to accept even more complex problems and our goal is to cover all needs of our clients. That is also why we cooperate with leading professionals in different sectors, such as...

EKP daňoví a účetní poradci Exekutorský úřad Přerov, JUDr. Lukáš Jícha, soudní exekutor

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Attorney At Law JUDr. Denisa Sudolská

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JUDr. Denisa Sudolská - Attorney At Law
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Attorney At Law JUDr. Denisa Sudolská